Has Your Dog Had a Ruff Day in Davenport, IA?

Cheer him up with a healthy dog treat

Calories add up when you're constantly rewarding your dog with treats. You can feel better about sneaking Fido a treat if it's healthy. Freddy's Fritters Dog Bakery & Grooming in Davenport, IA creates homemade, natural and nutritional treats for your dog. They're grain-free and can contain sweet potato, assorted beef and chicken flavors. All of the flavors we use in our treats are real. We also make special treats and cakes to celebrate your dog's birthday.

Stop by today to switch your dog's junk treats with healthy ones that she won't be able to stop barking about.

How to effectively use dog treats

How to effectively use dog treats

The key to using dog treats for training your puppy is to reward her when she's calm, not excited. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Let your dog smell the treat first
  2. Hold the treat up and away from your dog and wait
  3. If your dog gets too excited, slowly move back or to the side and wait some more
  4. Wait until your dog lowers her butt to the floor, and then give her the treat at that moment of calmness
Our treats can encourage a healthy diet for your dog during the training process. Visit us today to pick some up!